Sample Template Download

The following are free sample word template for you to download. You may customize the template sample based on your own needs.

contract templateSales Contract Template
Sales contract template can help business to write sales contract and sales agreement during sales transaction.

Sales Contract Template Download

assessment templateNeeds Assessment Template
Needs assessment template can help training program and teachers to evaluate the training needs.

Needs Assessment Template Download

note templateMeeting Note Template
Meeting note template can help professionals for taking meeting notes during business meeting.

Meeting Note Template Download

sales templateSales Invoice Template
Sales invoice template can help business writing sales invoice for product or service.

Sales Invoice Template Download

notice templateTermination Notice Template
Termination notice template can help business to terminate their employment contract or lease contract.

Termination Notice Template Download

report templateExpense Report Template
Expense report template can help employees and managers to manage their personal expense report.

Expense Report Template Download